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I love working with carefree, go with the flow, easy going couples… and that’s exactly what these two are! This session was so easy and simple in an absolutely lovely way! Even when we almost got attacked by a swarm of bees… they rolled it off! Seriously though, while we were shooting, a swarm of […]

I took photos of Jenna, David and their adorable son with Jenna’s whole family this past fall! They were all such a delight and so kind! So when these two got engaged and we planned this session, I knew I would love every minute of it, and I did! Are they not one of the […]

I took photos to document Ashley graduating from college last year and now I had the chance to take her engagement photos! Ashley and Travis were the sweetest, giggliest and most darling couple ever! They were so happy and in love during this whole photo shoot! These two are such a beautiful couple and this […]

When Nicole approached me early this year letting me know that her and her fiancé want me to their engagement photos in Sedona, I was thrilled! I don’t get the opportunity to shoot up north as much as I’d like to. I love time in the car alone, listening to music, singing as loud as […]

I can’t believe I spent my whole life living here and never even knew about the view you could see from South Mountain until last year! And ever since I found out about it, whenever I’m close to the area, I drive up to the top just to take it all in. Phoenix is one […]

The first time I talked with Kole was about 12 hours before we did this shoot, but you would never know it by these photos… hopefully! Haha. Kole and Kevin were visiting Phoenix and at the last minute they had some plans change and has to find a photographer to shoot a sunrise session on […]

This location was a last minute choice, I hadn’t been there before but arrived a little early with my photographer friend to scope out the area and immediately fell in love! I’m trying to shoot in the desert more. ;) My photographer friend, Bree, and I took photos of this couple together and I always […]

This shoot was an absolutely dream!! Everything from the location to the couple to the company! By company, I mean one of my good friends Bree who is also a photographer! We drove to this location outside of Phoenix together, and I always LOVE our drives, and we photographed this beautiful couple together! Honore and […]

Every year these posts get harder and harder. All I mean by that, is that it’s harder to narrow down the photos so that I don’t make you look through a blog post that has over 500 photos. ;)   This year has been such a beautiful one! I’ve enjoyed every bit of it! Even […]

These two. I just love them! Not only because they’re a gorgeous couple who are also two of the sweetest, most kind people ever! But because they are also two of the most understanding people! We had to do a VERY last minute change of location, because the location Sam was hoping for, a beautiful […]