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Let’s take your dream to grow your business and transform it into a plan that actually works!

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hey there photographer!

Searching for answers. Trying to find someone to help. Feeling lost. Not knowing what my next step should be. Eager to grow. Ready to learn. And overwhelmed by where to start. 

Let me help. I want to get you where you want to go. I want to share my mistakes so you don't have to make them. And there's been a lot of those. My growth has been slow. There's nothing wrong with that. But you can get there faster and I can show you how. 

There's a lot of ways to build a business and I'm excited to share with you what's worked for me!

i've been there...

In-person and online one-on-one mentoring education for photographers.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been at this for a while, if you’re not where you want to be in your business, I’ll help you get there!

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Want to know the 5 things I wish I knew when I was starting out?

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Well, mostly referring to my knowledge and insight. I'll be keeping my car. ;)

What's mine is yours!

- Pinterest growth
- Blogging and SEO
- Marketing strategies
- Building a brand
- Portfolio reviews
... and more!

- Client communication
- Business basics
- Pricing
- Client management systems
- Styling tips
- Session workflow

- Shooting in manual
- Using natural light
- Posing ideas
- Client experience
- Editing consistency
- Social media strategies

ask me anything!

Where do you want to be in your business next year? I want to help you get there! I'll be giving you the confidence you need to run your business your way, instead of letting it run you. I can't promise to teach you the most popular way of doing things, but I promise to teach you everything that's worked for me, and then to guide you through the process of finding your way. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to photography and business. So, let's take you from surviving to thriving by gaining control of your business growth and finding what works for you!

there's no place for secrets here here.

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what past students are saying...

Amy Schaumberg

"I was so impressed by how giving Leah was and how much she was willing to share. My time with her was packed full of information that I can put into practice to grow my business today! She held nothing back, was so prepared and didn't waste any time on information I didn't need. She is absolutely worth the investment and more!"

catherine hatfield

"Leah has a genuine, kind and caring personality that makes her the perfect mentor to learn from. She openly shares her knowledge and experience that leads the way toward helping me succeed with my business. I can't thank her enough for everything she taught me and I can't wait to implement the strategies we talked about it. "

ashley lewis

"I love how open and honest Leah was about her own process. She wasn't hesitant to answer any of my questions and I liked that she didn't hold back any information. She went above and beyond to walk me through everything I wanted to learn. I feel like my experience mattered to her and she really wanted me to learn and grow."

Heather Waegner

"I came to Leah looking for consistency in my editing and social media strategies and now I feel confident and equipped in both of those areas! Leah gave me tangible things I can do to improve my shooting and my editing workflow to get my images more consistent. And I love that she didn't make me feel silly for asking questions!"

Tina Kraemer

"I love how joyful and positive Leah is and how people just naturally gravitate towards her because she’s an uplifting person! The way Leah approaches her photography education is both through sharing her experiences as well as getting to know you ahead of time and what you are really looking for from this mentorship."

Amanda Karis

"Talking to Leah was like talking to a friend you know is supporting you and cheering for you with no judgment! She has so much knowledge from years of experience, yet remembers what it's like to just be starting out. She communicates clearly, kindly, and in a way that allowed me to make big changes to my business that same day!"

Erin Link

"Leah was able to make lighting and finding my photography style all seem much less daunting and more manageable! She communicated in a way that was so informative, yet succinct. It was clear she had taken the time to prepare information that would be of specific benefit to me and that’s what made this mentor session so great and useful!"

Christine Deaton

"Many in this industry hold so much close to their chest. I'm all about community over competition and that there is room for us all. Leah embodied that same ethos and felt like an immediate friend. She is an open book who felt safe. She is so knowledgeable in photography and business while also being humble in sharing her journey."

kami shaw

"I love that Leah didn't just tell me what to do, she actually showed me and walked me through it. She also gave me actionable steps to move toward my goals. She is genuinely focused on helping me succeed and it's clear that she truly cares! It's important to me to continue learning, and that's why I chose Leah to teach me!"

Erin Nicole

"My mentor sessions with Leah were so valuable and packed with knowledge. She made sure to explain everything in such a simple way and went into depth on each topic. She made me feel comfortable right off the bat, so it made it extremely easy for me to ask questions and not feel judged for the things that I didn't know."

book a mentor session

every mentor session starts with a questionnaire so that I'm able to plan lessons and content that is specifically tailored to you.

3 months of online mentor sessions
3 hours per month
tailored to your needs and goals
follow up communication

($1800 value)


the venti

3 hour in person mentoring session
tailored to your needs
headshots of you
actual photo shoot walk through
follow up communication


the grande

90 minute online mentoring session
tailored to your needs
follow up communication


the tall


erin nicole photography

"worth the investment!"

Discover your value in this industry.
Believe you have the capability to grow and build a career here.
Trust you have something special to offer.
Accept that your business doesn't need to look like theirs.
Know you are worthy of pursuing your passions. 

how I get images ready for blogging

where i do all my editing

my backup gear

my favorite lens for bokeh

my favorite lens for families

my favorite lens for individuals and couples



must have software

Black Rapid Camera Strap

Kelly Moore Bag

EF 50mm 1.4

EF 24-70mm 2.8 L II

Canon 5D Mark III

EF 85mm 1.2 L

Canon Mount Adapter

RF 28-70mm 2.0

RF 50mm 1.2

Canon R6

camera gear



business book you'd recommend:
how do you pass the time when you edit:
favorite type of session to shoot:
best business investment you've made:
dream photo shoot location:
advice for new photographers:

practice everyday and never stop learning and growing!

iceland... or greenland... or ireland... I'm a fan of the "lands"

one on one business coaching changed everything for me!

I really can't choose, I love every type of session I offer!

I binge watch way too many tv shows...

building a storybrand by donald miller

nanny! that's what I did before photography and I loved it!

photographer Q+A

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systems and tools

my favorite

how to add personality to your website

my assistant
is a pez

using light to flatter
your clients

why i shoot in kelvin

3 styling tips for your family clients

I know pursuing education and not knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. Sometimes we're not ready or able to fully invest in our business. I understand, I've been there. That's why I've filled these blog posts with things I've learned that have equipped me to continue to grow in this industry. And I know this information can help you too!

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