How to Add Personality to Your Website

  1. Dustin says:

    Love your website Leah! Any chance you could put me in touch with whoever helped you create the blog layout? I’d like to have something similar (less girly of course), but I like how easy it is to read and follow. My wife and I have our own ministry as musical and marriage “missionaries” and want to tell the story of what is going on with a simple blog. Not looking for more than one detailed page with a small picture and some text. Please let me know if you could connect me to whoever created your layout :-)

    • Leah Hope says:

      Hi Dustin! So exciting that you’re getting ready to launch a blog with your wife! My blog layout is actually from Showit, which is where host and design my website. They are integrated with WordPress as well! If you’re looking for a site as well, I definitely recommend them! I just double checked and it looks like my blog design (that I had free access to within Showit) was designed by Crystal Lee Design Studio! Perhaps reaching out to them could be a great place to start! :)

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