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Phoenix, Arizona Downtown Portrait Photographer Photo Session A lot has changed this photo shoot happen. By a lot, I mean a worldwide pandemic and a “Stay at home” order issued for Arizona. And I’m so thankful we fit this in right before everything changed! Because now Brooke has a good amount of content going into […]

Scottsdale, Arizona Portrait Photographer Photo Session Stephanie wanted to do a shoot while she was visiting town and she found me on Instagram! I’m so glad that she did, because we had such a great time together! And now we remain social media friends! ;) She is a fitness ambassador in Dallas and wanted a […]

Phoenix, Arizona Brand Portrait Photographer Photo Session Brands aren’t my specialty, but they are Erica and Jon’s! The more I explore Brand photography, the more I love it! Especially when it comes to photographing the people and personality behind a brand! But Erica and Jon are amazing at every kind of brand photography! And they […]

Phoenix, Arizona Portrait Photographer Photo Session I’ve been having so much fun getting to know and spend time with Brooke! We’ve been working together consistently for the past 7 months! I love these types of portrait sessions because there are no rules! Well, I guess I can always create any rules I want for my […]

I’ve loved being able to take these photos of these two stylish, beautiful sisters over the past couple months! And not only are they both gorgeous with great fashion, they’re both talented too! Brooke is a makeup artist and esthetician and Rachael is a hair stylist! Talk about the dream team! And soon they’ll both be […]

As soon as Sara emailed me, I knew we’d be quick friends! She was in town for work from Nebraska and wanted to make sure to get photos of the unique, desert scenery here! Sara is a photographer herself, so of course, I knew we’d have plenty to talk about! Instead of meeting her at […]

Cassie contacted me via Instagram to let me know she was going to be in town for a conference and she wasn’t to do a photo shoot to get some more content for her brand! Because what brand doesn’t need more new content? The answer is, no brand. ;) So, she invited me to her […]

I first met Brooke last year because I just wanted to photograph her and her pink hair! After the shoot was over, we sat in my car and talked for almost an hour. I knew right then that I didn’t walk away with just pretty pictures of colorful hair, but with a friend! Recently, Brooke […]

I first did a shoot with Brooke and her pink hair last year, because obviously I love color and wanted to photograph ALL that pink hair! I get along with pretty much everyone, because I think it’s a choice to get along with people or not, so that’s what I choose! But there are still […]

I’ve known Saige for a couple years now and I’ve loved being able to capture photos of her at so many different stages of life! And isn’t she such a little model?! No, really, she’s a model. Yeah, she’s that cool. You works with a couple agencies, you may have seen her on the packaging […]