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I'm a Phoenix photographer who offers a variety of portrait services I love, rather than choosing just one to specialize in. I have years of experience in every type of photography you'll find below and I would love to be the one to capture this season of your life!

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don't take my word for it. Hear it straight from the people I've photographed!

why do photos matter?

bogue family

“I want to remember these moments forever and that's exactly what photography does. These photos are an heirloom that can be cherished and admired for years to come.”

"these photos are an heirloom."

dawson family

“We want to have a running documentation of key moments in our family's evolution and history. How we're changing and growing is exciting for us, and having beautiful images to remember this stage is a treat."

"images to remember this stage are a treat."


“These photos make it possible to look back at them and relive the memories of that time. I love being able to reminisce on my senior year through these photos!"

"i love being able to reminisce."

van sande family

“It means the world to stop time as it is right now! The kids are growing so fast so I love having these to look back on and treasure forever! I'm so thankful for these photos!"

"it means the world to stop time as it is."

michal and Jason

“Life goes by way too fast. Photos are something physical that make it possible to hold onto these fleeting memories! We are so grateful to have these photos!”

"life goes by way too fast."

dunn family

“Knowing that our family is always growing and changing, these photos give me something to look back at every stage! These images are priceless and will be up in my home for all to see!"

"our family is always changing."

milack family

“The pictures spark memories that we'll be able to relive for years to come. I cry every time I look back on previous photo shoots and see how much my children have grown."

"pictures spark memories."

There are a lot of editing styles out there and it's clear there's no right or wrong approach to editing, there's only what's right for each photographer. And for me, that's bold and vibrant edits with true to life colors. I want my photos to be an elevated version of real life.  I want you to look at your photos in 10 years and be brought back to that time in your life. I don't want the focus to be on a trendy or outdated edit. I want the focus to be on you. I want your photos to be timeless.

how i edit

I'm someone who truly loves the creativity, people and moments involved in various kinds of portrait sessions! While many photographers choose to specialize, I've chosen not to. Because, I'm not only passionate about one kind of portrait photography, I'm passionate about all of them in different ways. And the types of photography that you see above are all ones that make my heart so happy and capturing them brings me joy!

what i shoot 

what i shoot    +    how i edit

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I do! You can “build your own mini session” by finding a friend (or two) to share a session with! I also offer seasonal mini sessions a few times a year! Join the mini session email list below if you want to know when they're happening!

Do you offer mini sessions?

Absolutely! Your digital photos will be delivered to you in an online gallery that gives you access to a professional printing lab. You can choose from the highest quality prints, canvases and art pieces and have them delivered straight to your door!

Do you offer prints and products?

All pre-session and post-session communications are typically done via email. This is the most efficient way to ensure we can both respond when we have time and have a record of our communications. 

What is the best way to plan my session?

I don’t, you do! I’ll narrow your session photos down just a bit and give you an excess amount of photos to look through. You’ll get to browse the gallery and choose which photos YOU like the best! Those are the ones I’ll edit and you’ll get to keep! 

How do you choose the final photos I’ll receive?

You will receive your edited, digital photos in your personal online gallery within 2 weeks of your session date. If you want your photos sooner, you can put a rush on them for an extra fee!

When will I receive my finished photos?

I'm based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and I absolutely love to travel! If you’re interested in a session outside of the Phoenix Metro area, contact me to discuss specific travel fees.

Where are you and are you willing to travel?

You can schedule your session months in advance or simply weeks. I will work with you to find a date that works for us all.

When should I schedule my session?



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