Wisdom Wednesday | Ch. 6

Leah Hope Photography | Wisdom Wednesday

Thanks to social media, we all know about creating a life that looks good on the outside. As if we didn’t already have enough pressure with society alone putting expectations on how we should look, what makes a person successful and the way we should present ourselves… but now we have the pressure of social media. We have to post the perfect photo on Instagram so that we can attract more followers or say the exact right thing on Facebook so we can get more likes than we’ve ever gotten… or maybe we want to come up with something so witty that it gets retweeted multiple times on Twitter. Some of us drive ourselves crazy over making sure our life looks beautiful and adventurous through social media and invest absolutely no time in actually living the life that our photos say we have. I’m guilty of this myself, but I don’t want to live like that. I want to live a life with moments that are so thrilling that I don’t have time to post photos when it is happening and I want to be so involved in special moments that it doesn’t even cross my mind to update my status. I want to be HERE. I want to be PRESENT. I want to put down my phone and let my laptop rest while I engage in real conversations that make me feel something on the inside rather than just being a part of moments for the sake of a good photo.


My prayer, not only for myself, but for those I love and all of YOU is that we are able to live with our hearts on our mind rather than how we present ourselves on social media. I pray we all feel emotions in the moment, enjoy experiences while they’re happening, explore when we’re curious and accept life and circumstances as opportunities to grow and learn. Let us first make sure our hearts are in the right place before we simply try to appear like we’re in the right place. Let’s do things for ourselves, to make us happy and joyful. Let’s do things for others, to see them smile and to love them. Instead of doing things for the sake of it looking enticing on social media, let’s do things because they make our heart race or bring tears of happiness to our eyes or make us FEEL something. The power is ours to create a life that we enjoy, a life we’re proud of. Let’s create a life that FEELS GOOD, that feels RIGHT on the inside without intentionally trying to make sure it looks good on the outside. If we live a life that we love, it will look good on the outside simply because it’s purely good on the inside. :)

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