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Is this real life?! I am SO EXCITED that I can now call myself a PUBLISHED PHOTOGRAPHER! I have been dreaming about this ever since I started my business! It is such an absolute HONOR to have been chosen by Denim + Grace to have three of my images published in their 2014 Posebook! I have been smiling about this since the magazine came out yesterday and I am just so happy! :)
With all that being said, I have a slight dilemma with this whole published thing… well, not really because it’s amazing, but let me tell you what I mean. I’ve never wanted to be a photographer who puts my value in being published or featured, I want my value to be in my PHOTOS not in a title. I want my worth to be in making others feel comfortable when I’m photographing them and capturing genuine emotion through my camera, I never wanted it to be about how many times and places I’ve been published and featured. I don’t believe that is what MAKES someone a great photographer. I think you can be a great photographer even before you’re ever published. My dilemma is that I don’t want want to make this my new identity. Which I know, sounds extreme, but I’ve seen others latch onto this title like it’s what makes them great. I don’t want to post “Published Photographer” all over my website. Don’t get me wrong, I am THRILLED about this and I will absolutely be telling people about this, clearly, since I’m writing it in here, haha. But I don’t want this to define me… I don’t want to become “Leah, the published photographer” because I’d rather be “Leah, the girl who makes me laugh during photo shoots” or “Leah, the person who is relatable” or “Leah, the photographer who makes me feel comfortable” … those are the things that I find TRUE VALUE in. I contemplated even writing this in here because it almost makes me sound ungrateful… but that is the exact opposite of how I feel. I am SO GRATEFUL for this opportunity and I will cherish this forever! I simply wanted to let everyone know, mostly remind myself, that being published doesn’t change anything about me or my business. It doesn’t make my prices higher or make me pickier about my clients or make me think I’m greater than others, it just makes me…. published. And that is still a very exciting thing! :)
I am sincerely HONORED and could not be happier about this! I honestly cannot believe that I was chosen to be featured along side so many AMAZING photographers in this magazine. It is a dream come true! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Published in Denim + Grace


It might be a little difficult to read, but you’ll find my full name under the “L” section in contributing artists! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Published in Denim + Grace


The image on the top right of the right page is a photo I took of Daniel at his senior session last month! :)
Leah Hope Photography | Published in Denim + Grace


The image on the right is of the adorable Cruz! I took it during a shoot with him and his siblings in December.  I can’t believe I got a full page feature! :) Leah Hope Photography | Published in Denim + Grace


The third image of mine that they used is the one on the bottom of the left page. That is still one of my favorite family session’s I’ve ever done! :)
Leah Hope Photography | Published in Denim + Grace

 Thank you so much Denim + Grace for this amazing opportunity!!! I still can’t stop smiling and this will forever be one of my favorite moments! :)


May 8, 2014

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