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Shayla and Micah | Holiday

Shayla has been a GREAT friend of mine since high school! Shayla and Micah were actually my test subjects, the FIRST time I ever tried photography. I can only laugh when I look back at those pictures now, haha. But growing and learning is a beautiful thing, even if it means being a little embarrassed at the starting point! I hope I can only keep improving to the point where someday I’ll be embarrassed of the photos I’m taking now… haha. Well maybe not embarrassed, but I would love to continue learning, growing and experimenting in this art and never peak! :)

Shayla, Micah and I went to a little area by my house to get a little bit of the desert look so we could hang some ornaments from a tree! It was a fun shoot and even though I’m not a huge fan of the desert look (I know I live in the wrong city, haha) I am really able to enjoy these photos! I hope you do too! Oh, and Shayla was about 5 months pregnant in these photos, so Micah isn’t just kissing her belly for the heck of it! Haha. ;)

December 12, 2012

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