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Alex and Isaac | Proposal

I took a little break over the holidays to spend time with my family! I loved every minute of it! I hope that everyone had a beautiful Christmas and most importantly was able to take time to remember the true reason we celebrate this holiday! :) The day after Christmas, it was back to work we go! Thank goodness I have a job that I love! :)

Alex contacted me a while ago wanting to get some pictures of her and her boyfriends Isaac. If you’ve seen other blog posts of mine, you know that I love shooting COUPLES! There is something about it that makes my heart just soar! :) Alex told me her boyfriend would only be in town for 2 weeks because he is in the army, so I made their shoot a priority! After we scheduled the shoot, Isaac contacted me letting me know that he had been planning to to propose to Alex and figured a photo shoot would be a great time to do it so that she could have pictures to remember it forever! I was so thrilled when he told me! I love capturing these beautiful moments through photography and I am so blessed to have had this opportunity! :) Congratulations Alex and Isaac! :)

I’m about to post way too many photos. Haha. :)

How incredibly gorgeous is Alex?!
And then he proposed… :)

December 29, 2012

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