I met Leeann a few years ago and I specifically remember one of my friends telling me they once saw her out and about somewhere and thought to themselves, “that looks like a real life Disney princess” and it’s true! She is such a classic beauty! And when she showed me the gold dress she […]

Leeann | Maternity

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I took photos of Jenna, David and their adorable son with Jenna’s whole family this past fall! They were all such a delight and so kind! So when these two got engaged and we planned this session, I knew I would love every minute of it, and I did! Are they not one of the […]

Jenna and David | Engagement

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This shoot was an absolutely dream!! Everything from the location to the couple to the company! By company, I mean one of my good friends Bree who is also a photographer! We drove to this location outside of Phoenix together, and I always LOVE our drives, and we photographed this beautiful couple together! Honore and […]

Honore and Tanner | Couple

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For some reason, I’ve put off blogging this session, because in my mind I’m been thinking, “save the best for last.” … And since this is seriously one of my ALL TIME favorite sessions, I keep post-poning blogging it, because I wanted to save the best for last. But as long as I continue to do […]

Janelle | Portraits

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