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Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session This shoot was nearly a year in the making! Becky contacted me early in 2019 to plan this session, since her and her little family of three would be visiting all the way from Australia! And it was worth the wait! It was quite the cold day, well, […]

Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Extended Family Photographer Photo Session This is my third session with the Montgomery and Averill families! Katie and Julie are sisters who both live in Scottsdale, so they combine their photo sessions! For the most part, I’m just capturing their families separately. This way they can take advantage of splitting a session […]

Phoenix, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session If you’re ever curious what the absolute nicest and kindest family is like, this is them! And they are incredible! I met Kelley and David (the parents of that adorable little girl) about 2 and a half years ago when I started babysitting Molly a couple days a […]

Fountain Hills, Arizona Family Photographer Photo Session It’s not easy for anyone to get up at sunrise and smile for a thousand photos the day after Christmas, but this family certainly made it look like a breeze! We did this session to document the whole family being in town for the holidays! And they invited […]

Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session It’s not always that you have an extended family session where every person seems excited to be getting photos taken! It’s even less common when that session is at sunrise! But the Bogue family showed up with the absolute best attitudes! Ready to not only smile and pose, […]

Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session It’s sometimes a struggle for us here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area when rain is excepted. Okay, well, I love rain. It’s my favorite. So that’s not a struggle for me. But when it comes to rain interrupting scheduled photo sessions, that’s where it can get hard. I know […]

I’ve known this family since I was 12 years old, which was about 10 years ago. ;) Okay, fine, I’m just kidding. It’s actually been 18 years since I met Jessica in Junior High! We became fast friends then and were so close throughout high school as well! Which is why I had plenty of […]

I feel so honored to have been able to capture the growth of this beautiful family. Years ago, I had the privilege to photograph them while they celebrated officially adopting three of their children! And I also had more chance to photograph them as their family grew again. And now it’s growing even more, and […]

As someone who loves people, I really have picked out one of the best jobs! Having the opportunity to meet so many incredible people while doing something I love doing, is something I refuse to take for granted! And this family, is one of the reasons I feel that way! From the very start of […]

I love family sessions! All kinds of them! But it’s extra nice when I have a family that is as easy going as this one! We took some classic, posed portraits but then we did quite a few shots of them just having around in lounge chairs too! They were just making the most out […]