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I’ve known this family since I was 12 years old, which was about 10 years ago. ;) Okay, fine, I’m just kidding. It’s actually been 18 years since I met Jessica in Junior High! We became fast friends then and were so close throughout high school as well! Which is why I had plenty of […]

Thuy and I were talking for a few months about this shoot. They were making their plans to travel to Phoenix from Raleigh during the 4th of July and little did I know, that Luke was planning to propose to her on the 4th! Which made having this shoot only 2 days later, extra special! […]

I never know exactly how I’m going to feel about cloudy weather weather on photo shoots. The lighting can vary so much depending on what kind of clouds. Sometimes, I’m disappointed because I was looking forward to the sun. Sometimes, I’m thankful because the cloud coverage gives me more control over what areas we can […]

It’s photo shoots like this that make me fall in love with the desert! I haven’t always been a fan of it, but the more photography I do, the more I love it!! There is just something so special about the light in the desert! I had such an amazing time with these two! Not […]

I took this couple’s engagement photos earlier this year and had the best time with them! They instantly turned into friends and I love when that happens! They wanted to do some family photos and Jenna needed some head shots since she recently became a realtor, and since I always want people to get the […]

Sometimes it can be a risk walking through the desert with little ones, but these two sweet boys loved exploring and it kept them happy for the photos! I took photos of this family with more of their extended family last year, so it was a treat to be able to spend more time with […]

This was one of the families I had the opportunity to capture multiple times in the beginning of my photography career. And it’s just a joy to have been able to capture them this fall to see how they’ve grown! I’ve known Alison and Aryan for over 10 years now and they are two of […]

I’ve lived in Phoenix my whole life, aside from a year spent in Dallas and some summers spent in the Northwest. And for the majority of the time I’ve lived here, I never appreciate cactus. Okay, I specifically didn’t like them. My heart longs to be anywhere with forests and green fields of grass and […]

This adorable, little family just looks like they belong in the desert, but not because the desert makes them look good… because THEY make the desert look even better! They are all so sweet and tender with each other in a way that is so beautiful and I hope that I was able to capture […]