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Phoenix, Arizona Desert Maternity Photographer Photo Session Sierra and Josh were visiting for the weekend and wanted to make sure to get photos in the desert! They were in town for a work retreat with Josh’s company. I know that might not matter, but when I asked him what he does, he basically told me […]

Scottsdale, Arizona Portrait Photographer Photo Session Stephanie wanted to do a shoot while she was visiting town and she found me on Instagram! I’m so glad that she did, because we had such a great time together! And now we remain social media friends! ;) She is a fitness ambassador in Dallas and wanted a […]

Phoenix, Arizona Portrait Photographer Photo Session I’ve been having so much fun getting to know and spend time with Brooke! We’ve been working together consistently for the past 7 months! I love these types of portrait sessions because there are no rules! Well, I guess I can always create any rules I want for my […]

Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Extended Family Photographer Photo Session This is my third session with the Montgomery and Averill families! Katie and Julie are sisters who both live in Scottsdale, so they combine their photo sessions! For the most part, I’m just capturing their families separately. This way they can take advantage of splitting a session […]

Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session Glam, upscale, desert photo shoot?! Yup! I’ll take it! Actually, I won’t just take it. I’ll be SUPER excited about it! I absolutely love when people go all out for their sessions! Especially when it comes to outfits! Because who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up […]

Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session It’s sometimes a struggle for us here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area when rain is excepted. Okay, well, I love rain. It’s my favorite. So that’s not a struggle for me. But when it comes to rain interrupting scheduled photo sessions, that’s where it can get hard. I know […]

Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session Confession: I still get nervous before shoots sometimes. Usually when I’m meeting a new family or person. We’ve communicated over email before the session, but there’s still so much we don’t know about each other! Thankfully, with this family, the nerves quickly went away! They are just about […]

Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session The first time I had the chance to capture this family was almost exactly 4 years ago! When that littlest girl right there was just a baby! Now she basically runs the show, in a good way. And the whole family is here for it! I just love […]

This was my 3rd time working with this family and every time gets better than the previous time! I try as much as I can to be a calm presence during photo shoots. I guess calm might not be the best word, because I can get pretty loud, haha. But I try to make it […]

I feel so honored to have been able to capture the growth of this beautiful family. Years ago, I had the privilege to photograph them while they celebrated officially adopting three of their children! And I also had more chance to photograph them as their family grew again. And now it’s growing even more, and […]