Using Light to Flatter Your Clients Not everyone has the same objective when photographing people. Some choose to focus on the artistic nature of an image. Others want the background and location to stand out. And there’s those who use dramatic light to bring out the emotion of an image. There’s no right or wrong […]

Using Light to Flatter Your Clients

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How to Add Personality to Your Website Having a beautiful, clever or informational website isn’t enough. Your website needs to represent you and what makes you different than your competitors. People who are scouring through websites trying to find the right person to hire are wanting to see what you have to offer them. As […]

How to Add Personality to Your Website

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How I Use a Pez Dispensers for Family Sessions No matter how great you are with children, it’s hard to keep a smile on their face once you hold up a big camera in front of yours. If you’re like me and you don’t have an assistant that comes along with you on sessions, you […]

My Assistant is a PEZ Dispenser

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Why I Shoot in Kelvin Before Kelvin, I was choosing my white balance based off of the options my Canon camera gave me. If it was sunny, I used Daylight. If it overcast, I used Cloudy. And if I was inside… you get the idea. Then, a friend taught me how to use Kelvin, everything […]

Why I Shoot in Kelvin

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Do you ever have trouble getting the look you want in your photos? A lot of it comes down to styling! There are many elements to a beautiful photo. Consider location, lighting and composition to name a few. They each play a part in the overall look of a photo, and so does styling! Styling […]

3 Styling Tips For Your Family Clients!

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