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Phoenix, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session This family is the most adventurous family that I photograph! Or at least, they are during their photo shoots! Last year we explored a field off the highway together! They were much more focused on playing together, than looking perfect for the photos! And I love that about […]

February 25, 2020

Scottsdale, Arizona Family Photography Photo Session This was a Valentine’s Day session! For no other reason than the fact that it was on Valentine’s Day. Haha. Since it was a sunrise session, it was the perfect way to get this holiday of love started! The Ramseyer’s were in town for the weekend and staying at […]

February 21, 2020

Phoenix, Arizona Couple and Senior Photographer Photo Session I tend to use good and positive words too much. Like the word special, if everything is special, then how special is it really? And I know I’ve used that word a few times when talking about people and photo shoots. I meant it all those times. […]

February 14, 2020

Why I Shoot in Kelvin Before Kelvin, I was choosing my white balance based off of the options my Canon camera gave me. If it was sunny, I used Daylight. If it overcast, I used Cloudy. And if I was inside… you get the idea. Then, a friend taught me how to use Kelvin, everything […]

February 11, 2020

Phoenix, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session Have you noticed any cute drawings on my website? Like the Starbucks cups on my investment page or the icons listed under my favorite things? Or maybe you’ve seen my logo right at the top of my website? I wouldn’t have those if it weren’t for Ally! She […]

February 9, 2020

Scottsdale, Arizona Portrait Photographer Photo Session Stephanie wanted to do a shoot while she was visiting town and she found me on Instagram! I’m so glad that she did, because we had such a great time together! And now we remain social media friends! ;) She is a fitness ambassador in Dallas and wanted a […]

February 8, 2020

Phoenix, Arizona Brand Portrait Photographer Photo Session Brands aren’t my specialty, but they are Erica and Jon’s! The more I explore Brand photography, the more I love it! Especially when it comes to photographing the people and personality behind a brand! But Erica and Jon are amazing at every kind of brand photography! And they […]

February 6, 2020

Phoenix, Arizona Portrait Photographer Photo Session I’ve been having so much fun getting to know and spend time with Brooke! We’ve been working together consistently for the past 7 months! I love these types of portrait sessions because there are no rules! Well, I guess I can always create any rules I want for my […]

January 30, 2020

Do you ever have trouble getting the look you want in your photos? A lot of it comes down to styling! There are many elements to a beautiful photo. Consider location, lighting and composition to name a few. They each play a part in the overall look of a photo, and so does styling! Styling […]

January 15, 2020

Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session This shoot was nearly a year in the making! Becky contacted me early in 2019 to plan this session, since her and her little family of three would be visiting all the way from Australia! And it was worth the wait! It was quite the cold day, well, […]

January 12, 2020