Schuff | Family

I just met a few members of this family last month when I took graduation photos for Evan and also photographed one of these individual families at their home! I don’t think I’ve ever done 3 shoots for one family within a month, but I loved it and I’d happily do it again! This big group decided they wanted some photos when they all came together to celebrate Christmas! I don’t often photograph groups this large, but it was so fun! They are such a kind bunch and this home, giving me Tuscany vibes, is so beautiful!

Leah Hope Photography | Scottsdale Phoenix Peoria Arizona Home Front Yard Back Yard Italian Inspired Family Reunion Pictures

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Wistort | Family

I met a couple of these family members when I photographed the Scottsdale Christian Academy Spiritline a couple years ago! And it was so fun for me to meet the rest of the family and have the chance to photography them! They are all so sweet with each other and excited about photos, which makes it even more fun for me! It was an overcast day, which I think might have scared off some other people because we almost had this whole place to ourselves! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Scottsdale Arizona DC Ranch Family Christmas Pictures

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Stephens | Family

I’ve known Jennilee since Junior High and recently had the chance to reconnect with her through a mutual friend of ours that I also get to photograph! And I’m so thankful that we reconnected because I loved being able to capture photos of her and her adorable family at Blok Studio! I don’t do much studio work, but this place has great natural lights and it was the perfect place to let the kids run around for breaks in-between photos! And I love how we see all the children’s unique personalities in these photos! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Downtown Phoenix Arizona Blok Studio Family Pictures

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Gilman | Family

This was my 4th photo shoot with this family and I’ve loved being able to watch Jacob grow through the years! He is the absolute sweetest boy ever!! I can’t believe how well behaved, gentle, kind hearted and adorable he is! And I’ve loved getting to spend time with his sweet parents over the years too! We’ve done a few sessions at Christmas tree lots, which are always some of my favorite sessions! And this time we did a few with Christmas trees, but also managed to find a fall look and fit in some iceskating! I’m loving how much variety we got in this session!

Leah Hope Photography | Phoenix Gilbert Arizona Schnepf Farm Christmas Tree Lot Fall Leaves Iceskating Family Pictures

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Bron and Oertel | Family

If you knew how hard we had to try to find spots at this location that didn’t have people in the background, you would be shocked! Because somehow we did it, we walked through crowds of people and found tiny little pockets to shoot in so that these photos could focus on this beautiful family! And this whole group was so easy going and not at all stressed out about how busy this location was, which made the this evening so enjoyable! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Scottsdale Phoenix Gilbert Arizona Riparian Preserve Family Christmas Pictures

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Lucas | Family

I took this couple’s engagement photos earlier this year and had the best time with them! They instantly turned into friends and I love when that happens! They wanted to do some family photos and Jenna needed some head shots since she recently became a realtor, and since I always want people to get the most of their sessions, so we did both of them at the same time! This sweet family is as kind and generous as they are beautiful! And I just can’t get enough of them!

Leah Hope Photography | Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona Desert Mountain Cactus Family Head Shot Pictures

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Rowe | Family

This is my 4th year photographing this family, and I even photographed their pregnancy announcement photos for that sweet, little girl who is now a big sister! And I’ve had the chance to photograph gender reveals, senior pictures and birthday photos for these family members too! It’s so special to me to be able to watch a family grow, especially this family since Ashlyn was one of my best friends in high school, and document their growth and love for each other along the way! This was my first time, and theirs, at the Wrigley Mansion and we all loved it!! And I love how their outfits stand out so much at this location!

Leah Hope Photography | Scottsdale Phoenix Arizona Wrigley Manson Family Christmas Pictures

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