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  1. Enjoying your photos. I’m in Chandler visiting from Orange, Ca for Thanksgiving. I haven’t done a good job of keeping up with all my nephews and nieces and the expansion underway of my family, much to the delight of everyone. I brought my camera along, for no particular reason, then found out that my niece was due today. Her first baby. I was here for her wedding like a year ago, took some delayed flash shots as she and her hubby ran under the guests as they held up sparklers, at the finale, she had a photographer so i had the luxury of trading high risk for high reward and being the worst uncle ever, I still haven’t even shared them with her. It will be a big surprise as it is, I didn’t arrive to the wedding until the very end anyhow. I don’t even think she knows i took any pics. Everyone has a camera nowadays. I just had the idea of running with her and her husband to take some photos tomorrow after turkey, or before, might be better lighting, I was wondering where that thick wooden door is around here that you used as the backdrop for Achante’s photoshoot, I think that is her name. The same woman with the cute shirt that said mama bird and she held baby bird as a prop. I’m commenting under her images but Idk if that will correlate with this comment. I suppose it could have been a painted backdrop. I’ve been fooled before. It looks like the lighting might be studio, so maybe that is a backdrop but I’m hoping it’s a local spot we can go to. He’s like 6′ 3″ and she’s maybe 5′ 2″. I think the baby is nearing 10 pounds, so it’s coming one way or another in a few days. He’s a big soccer fan and all he wants is for her to not deliver during the USA vs Wales match in a couple days. He hasn’t missed a match since his entire life and so I thought I would incorporate a soccer ball into one of there photos. Maybe under his shirt and then try to hug or something. He’s so much taller than her though. I’ll keep looking through your images for inspiration. She’s lived here her whole life and she’s into the arts so I’m sure we’ll find someplace. It’s that door a studio backdrop or an actual spot around here? Thanks!

    • Leah Hope says:

      Hi Kendall!

      So fun that you’re visiting! And that’s so special to be able to take some photos of your family while in town! This session was actually at this family’s home, so unfortunately it’s not available to the public. DC Ranch Market Street might help give you a similar sort of rustic look, not the same as this, but it does have some great back drops! :)

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