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Wisdom Wednesday | Ch. 11

Leah Hope Photography | Wisdom Wednesday


I love this week’s quote! This is one of my favorite lines from a song EVER!!! Oh my goodness, I can’t even handle how amazing this line is. Think about it for a minute, let it sink in. “Thank God I didn’t get what I THOUGHT that I deserved.” WOW. I think about all the times growing up where I had these tremendous crushes on boys. Haha. It usually changed every week, some lasted for months, and a few select ones for years. Whenever I had a crush, I imagined a future with that boy. Marriage, kids and building a life together. Yes, extreme, I know. It’s a girl thing. ;) I PRAYED to God that I would end up with these boys that I was so infatuated with. I begged Him! I didn’t understand why He wouldn’t just give me what I wanted. But if he would have answered every silly prayer I had about a boy I had a crush on, I would have been married and divorced several times by now. By several, I mean at least 35. Haha. So, looking back on it now… I am SO THANKFUL that He did NOT give me what I thought I deserved. :)


The same could go for jobs. In the past, I’ve gone to interviews and prayed to God that I would get the job I was interviewing for. I thought I knew what was best, I was SURE that this specific job was the best job for me. But God knew better. I thought there were things that I was OWED, that I deserved! But imagining how different my life would be if I got the jobs I prayed I would get, it’s scary! I thought I knew what was best for me and I was such a fool!


I’m so thankful that God didn’t give me what I THOUGHT that I deserved. My life wouldn’t be what it is now. He always knows what’s best for us. If he doesn’t answer our prayer it doesn’t mean he wants us to be unhappy or miserable… it means He has something BETTER in mind. Something specifically tailored for us! This line from “Good in Goodbye” could be relevant in so many different situations and that’s why I love it! I’m so thankful to worship a God who truly wants what is best for me. He sees the WHOLE PICTURE of our lives when we only see the small present that we are currently in.


I am beyond GRATEFUL that God did NOT give me what I thought was owed to me, what I thought that I deserved. And I trust Him completely! :)

June 11, 2014

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