Wisdom Wednesday | Ch. 10

Leah Hope Photography | Wisdom Wednesday

In elementary school all the way through high school, I invested so much of my time and energy into trying to be “cool” or even just to look “cool.” I thought if I was able to appear like one of the “cool” kids and hang out with the “popular” people, that I would of course be happy. That’s all we really want in life, right? To be popular. NOT RIGHT. After high school, we (hopefully) eventually all realize that popularity has no real value anyway.
I would assume there is a time in everyone’s life, since there was a time in my own, where we no longer want to waste time hanging out with people who are fun, but don’t necessarily bring out the best in us. The people who know how to have a good time, but don’t know how to or care to be a good person. The people who are too self centered to pour into the lives of others, because they’re too busy pouring into only themselves. Those people don’t make us happy, maybe for a moment we believe we’re content, but at the end of the day, they haven’t helped us, or pushed us or inspired us.

One of my favorite parts of having relationships with people, is learning from them and wanting to be better because of who they are. If we have to appear to be a certain way in front of people we call “friends”… they’re not really our friends. Our friends are the people who we can be ourselves with, the people who build us up. Friends are people that we can not ONLY have a good time with, but have a life changing conversation with. If you become a different person around certain people because you want to appear a specific way… those are people that shouldn’t be in your life. Spend your time with people who are uplifting, who let you be yourself but still challenge you to be better in a supportive way. Life is too short to waste it with people you feel you need to impress. Spend your life with people who make your HAPPY, the people who accept you and love exactly how you are. :)

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