Wisdom Wednesday | Ch. 5

Leah Hope Photography | Wisdom Wednesday

What could possibly be better than a Wisdom Wednesday with a Taylor Swift quote? I love Taylor for so many reasons and her passion for being a kind person is just one of them! If you’re wondering why this photo isn’t the best quality, it’s because I took this photo on small point and shoot camera when I saw Taylor in concert last year, so in the spirit of using my own photos, this is the one you get today! :)
Being good to people is such a beautiful thing to do, because it doesn’t only help others, it helps you. Being kind and nice and making a genuine effort to help others in life is rewarding for so many reasons. When I go about my day only caring about myself and doing the “easy” thing by not considering the feelings of others, I feel apathetic by the end of the day. I go to bed unsatisfied and feeling like I just lived a day that I’ve lived 100 times before. But when I go about my day purposefully trying to bring joy to others and be kind to people, I go to bed feeling content and happy because making others happy makes ME happy! Spreading joy to others makes ME joyful! I don’t believe that we are on this earth to please ourselves, I believe we’re here to spread God’s love, to radiate His light. I believe that making an effort to help others feel encouraged and hopeful, makes YOU feel encouraged and hopeful. Taylor says that “Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.” And I agree! But even with putting aside leaving a legacy… I believe it’s a wonderful and FULFILLING way to LIVE! Let’s be the reason that someone finds FAITH in humanity again.

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