Wisdom Wednesday | Ch. 4

This will probably not be the first time I use a Maya Angelou quote, because she has said so many wise things and this is just one of them! :) If you don’t know about Wisdom Wednesday, make sure you see my past ones! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Wisdom Wednesday

We all have something to give to the world and to other people. I believe we were created to give, among others things. To give of ourselves, our talents, our knowledge, our positivity, our creativity, our wisdom, our life lessons, our generosity, our hope and so many other things. We ALL have something of value, something of importance that could help someone else. I love to help others, but I often get discouraged thinking that there is someone who has more to give to me, someone who could do it better than me. But I try not to let that stop me from giving. That’s what this quote means to me. To me, an “answer” is factual but a “song” is so much a more. A song is unique and inspiring. We might not always have the exact RIGHT thing to give or to say or to do, but we have a song. We have our own version of what we believe is right and beautiful. I hope you are never discouraged thinking that you don’t have an answer, what YOU have is enough. Perfection isn’t necessary to live a beautiful life, it’s not even possible. All that is necessary is the willingness to share what you have and who you are. So, SING! Sing because you have a song. And your song is beautiful, because it’s YOURS! Focus on what makes you happy, not on what looks right to the world. 

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