Wisdom Wednesday | Ch. 3

This whole Wisdom Wednesday, once a week thing is making it seem like time is going by so fast! I feel like I just started doing this the other day, but now this is already my third one! :)
Don’t forget the view the ones from last week and the first week! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Wisdom Wednesday

This one is simple, right? Let’s just all stop complaining! Easy enough! Haha. But we all know it’s not that easy… or is it? I believe that focusing on the positive, the good, your JOYS, is a life changing perspective! It’s a simple idea, but to actual put it into practice takes changing your thought process on PURPOSE! It’s simple, but not easy. I decided years ago to try to focus on everything that I have instead of everything I’m missing, to think about all things positive instead of all things negative, to focus on all of my blessings instead of all the things that go wrong. But by no means did it happen over night. And I still struggle with it. I believe the key is to make a HABIT of thinking this way. The quote for today says that talking about our problems is our greatest ADDICTION. That’s what it is, it’s an addiction, we LOVE to complain. Maybe we’re looking for pity or just looking to be heard, but as a society, it’s a bad habit that we have. So to change that, let’s make a habit out of something good. A habit of being happy, of being optimistic, of choosing to talk about OUR JOYS! I know I say this often, but it’s because it’s important… our LIFE is made up of OUR CHOICES! Let’s choose to talk about the good things, the GREAT things, our BLESSINGS, our joys! I imagine that our overall attitude and outlook is dependent upon what we think about, what we dwell on. Therefore, if we dwell on our JOYS, I can only expect that we will be absolutely, indisputably JOYFUL! :)

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