Wisdom Wednesday | Ch. 1

This is my first ever WISDOM WEDNESDAY post on my blog and I am SO excited about it! I started doing Wisdom Wednesday on my personal Instagram account over a year ago and I love adding a little extra inspiration to my Instagram! When I thought of Wisdom Wednesday, I thought it was an original idea. I was thrilled that I had made up this new hashtag that was a different take on Throwback Thursdays! But when I posted my first Wisdom Wednesday post with the hashtag #wisdomwednesday, I realized there were hundreds, maybe thousands, of others posting to this hashtag. So what, it wasn’t an original idea like I had though, it’s still a great one and I’m so happy to take part in it and even happier to be bringing it to my photography blog! :)
Every Wednesday (with the exception of me being human and missing a few here and there) I will be posting a photo that I’ve taken with a quote or saying that I love and feel personally inspired or motivated by, or even ones I feel are simply thought provoking! Let me first tell you what Wisdom Wednesday is NOT. It is NOT me saying “I’m so wise, you need to listen to what I have to say” or me saying “I know so much more than you, so follow my lead.” Because neither of those are true! Wisdom Wednesday is a place where I can share quotes and sayings that inspire me personally. Quotes that have made me change my outlook and perspective on life. Sayings that have encouraged me to live a bolder and more beautiful life. I will not only share a quote, but my thoughts on the quotes as well. Because we’re all in this thing called life together, and I LOVE to share what I’m learning and experiencing with others! :)
And if you couldn’t tell… I LOVE quotes. They’re one my favorite things in the whole world. Have a problem? I will most likely have a quote in mind to inspire you to overcome your problem. :)

So, after a little explanation of what I imagination Wisdom Wednesday on my blog to be, below is my first photo I want to share with you! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Wisdom Wednesday


I faintly remember a scene in the movie We Bought A Zoo, where someone says “Their happy is too loud.” I remember watching the movie, hearing that and thinking to myself, “There is no such thing!” Can our happy (attitude) really be too loud? Perhaps, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. There are too many people living each day thinking they have horrible lives, too many people seeing the negative instead of the positive, too many people living in depression, too many who let the darkness take over their lives. Those of us who are able to see the good, the positive, everything that’s right instead of everything that’s wrong… those of us who are happy, we SHOULD be LOUD about it! Loud and proud. Haha, okay, maybe that rhyme is too corny. But I believe that happiness is a choice and I believe that if we make our happy loud, we have the opportunity to encourage others to be happy. So BE HAPPY and BE LOUD about it! And maybe you might inspire someone else to live a loud life of happiness! :)

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