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Casey | Portraits

Casey is one of my very best friends! She had been living in Flagstaff for about a year and half and now she finally moved back home to Phoenix! We made plans to hang out as soon as she got back, and on that day it happened to rain! Not only do me and her both love rain, but we love taking photos as well! There’s an area by my house that I use for photos sometimes, this area got completely flooded when it rained. I mean flooded as in a good 20 inches of water. The rain stopped and me and Casey decided to go explore this flooded, swamp-like area. We put on some boots and went on an adventure! I of course brought my camera to snap some impromptu photos of Casey! It was a very interesting feeling swooshing around a place that was just tall grass the day before, but I LOVED it!!! :)

Leah Hope Photography | Portraits

September 17, 2013

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