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I apologize for my lack of blog posts lately! I kept procrastinating on updating and then things got crazy because I recently moved to LA for the summer! I’ll only be here a short amount of time, I came because I’ve always wanted to move here, so I figured that a temporary move to see how I like living in the city would be the best option! I like it here, it’s definitely different than Phoenix, I like it better here for some reasons and I like it better at home for some reasons… mostly I miss my family! But I am excited for this little journey and I pray that at the very least I will learn and grow here! :) I’m also hoping to have some photo shoots during my time in this beautiful city! :)

In May I was able to catch up a little with one of my close friends from high school, Claire! I love when friends from high school or different times in my life contact for photos because I love having the opportunity to see them again! I took photos for Claire, her husband and their family! It was a beautiful evening with the Greenfield’s and I enjoyed my time meeting these new people and taking photos of them! I also LOVED the color combination that they chose! :)

(it started sprinkling when we took these photos, I love that you can see the little rain drops!)

June 29, 2013

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