Durazo and Ewing | Family

HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) I hope everyone had a safe and fun celebration of this new year that’s come! I hope and pray that in 2013 you are able to be INSPIRED and live out your PASSIONS! 2013 is a brand new chapter in the book of YOUR LIFE! The pen is in YOUR hands! Write away! :)

This past weekend I finally was able to do a photo shoot at a location that I have been wanting to shoot at for quite some time! It’s pretty far from where I live, but it’s so worth it! I met the Durazo’s and Ewing’s at some beautiful PECAN GROVES in Chandler. I did a photo shoot with Grace, Mark and their beautiful baby girl a couple months ago. It was so great to them again and meet their families! There was SO many of us there! It was a beautiful overcast day and we had a good time! :)

January 3, 2013

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