Wisdom Wednesday | Ch. 9

Leah Hope Photography | Wisdom Wednesday

I had a different Wisdom Wednesday blog post all ready for today, but after hearing about the passing of such a wise and inspirational person today, I felt the need to change today’s quote. I’ve done a quote by Maya Angelou in the past, because I am an admirer or her and her words, so I am more than happy to share more of her inspirational and wise sayings, unfortunately it’s a product of some heartbreaking news.


I didn’t know Maya personally, but I like to imagine she the lived the kind of life that she encouraged others to live. I’d like to imagine that she was the type of person who made people feel good about themselves and left them a better person than she found them. I like to think she practiced what she preached. And if she did, WOW! What a wonderful life she lived and a beautiful legacy she has left behind!


This quote by her says so much in so little words. We spend so much time trying to look a certain way or say the exact right thing to make ourselves memorable, but what people is remember is feeling inspired. People remember people who make them feel happy and encouraged. Words and actions often get lost in the shuffle of life… but a feeling is something that stays with you long after the person or moment is gone. Be an encourager and be inspirational. If you feel happy and positive and hopeful, I’m almost certain that you will leave people feeling the same way. :)

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