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I love exploring new cities and states and places on my own, just for personal pleasure… but I also REALLY love being able to do photography in these places! It excites me and makes my heart feel so HAPPY! I absolutely loved my summer spent in Seattle and I’ve made this blog post to share […]

I’ve been loving adventuring to new and beautiful places during my summers! And this past summer I headed to SEATTLE!!! I knew that I would like Seattle, but I was almost positive that it wouldn’t compare to my summer last year in Portland… I was wrong! I just loved Portland so much, and I didn’t […]

Oh, these two! They have to be one of the most IN LOVE couples that I’ve ever photographed!! They way they treat each other is absolutely beautiful and being able to photograph the love they have for each other was so special for me! :) I could take photos of these two everyday, but they […]

If you’ve been following my blog for a couple weeks… or months… or a year, then you’ve most likely seen a session with Rose! This girl is SO full of light, love and joy! She is ALWAYS a pleasure to not only shoot with, but just to spend time with! Last year, I went to […]

Leah Hope Photography | Fashion Blogger Portraits

I met this adorable family early in the morning near a beach in West Seattle! We explored this beautiful shore and just spent the morning taking photos of them being the cutest family ever! This shoot was mostly to get photos of their family together, but it was also to celebrate sweet Layla’s 2nd birthday! […]

Leah Hope Photography | Family Pictures

Oh, these two! Can they be expecting a child all the time so that I can forever take maternity pictures of them?! Haha, kidding of course. ;) Because even though I love how they look as an expecting couple, I know they look even MORE amazing as parents! :) These two are so incredibly comfortable […]

Leah Hope Photography | Seattle Maternity Pictures

I met Sarah and Jake early in the morning for a sunrise maternity session in a city outside of Seattle! They were so sweet and brought me a hot coffee from their home, we’re they’ve been preparing to launch their own coffee shop! I’m so excited for them! When it finally opens, make sure to […]

Leah Hope Photography | Maternity Pictures

Rose was the only person in Seattle that I actually knew when I decided to spend my summer there, so naturally, we shot together multiple times! ;) I’m so thankful for her sweet friendship and her willingness to show me and tell me all about her gorgeous city! This shoot was just a quick one […]

Leah Hope Photography | Fashion Blogger Portraits

There might be some uneven light and shadows on Anna’s face, but I still love these photos! This was probably one of the shortest shoots I’ve ever had, because we squeezed it in before another shoot of mine during my last week in Seattle. I’ve always wanted to have some beautiful, puffy, white clouds in the […]

Leah Hope Photography | Fashion Blogger Portraits

Last week I attended my first ever photography conference called United that was put on by the amazing SHOWIT team! I LOVED it!! I loved meeting new people, making friends, learning and growing! I left feeling inspired, motivated and thankful for the industry that I get to be a part of! Can United happen every […]

Leah Hope Photography | Fashion Blogger Portraits