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I took senior photos for Kate’s brother when he was graduating high school, so when her mom let me know she would be needing senior photos, I was so happy to be a part of this time in her life too! We had a quick shoot but I love the photos we got even with […]

I can’t believe I spent my whole life living here and never even knew about the view you could see from South Mountain until last year! And ever since I found out about it, whenever I’m close to the area, I drive up to the top just to take it all in. Phoenix is one […]

Monika has been in my life since we were in 2nd grade when we were best friends. We went through all the normal highs and lows that elementary school friends go through. ;) And I’m so thankful that we’ve not only been able to keep in touch with each other, but then I was able […]

Oh my goodness, I just love shooting couples!! I don’t get to shoot enough of them since I don’t do weddings, which makes sense. But couples, don’t forget about me! I’d still love to take some updated photos of you and your loved one!! :) I met this beautiful couple at a new location for […]

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