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All about my trip to New Orleans! Last month I took a trip to explore the fascinating city of New Orleans with my sister and her little family! When we left for the trip, the worldwide pandemic wasn’t a thing. Everyone was aware of all that was going on with coronavirus, but in America, we […]

Happy New Year! I hope this new year is finding you well already! I hope you’re dreaming dreams and creating goals and making resolutions! Because if we’re not growing and trying to get better with each year, what’s the point? That’s how I feel with photography! I’m always wanting to learn and get better whenever […]

I went to the same school as Ally but we didn’t start talking until I reached out to her a few years ago wanting to ask her questions about photography! Ally is a wonderful photographer herself, she takes beautiful portraits of people and weddings but is most recently focusing on nature photography, which she is […]

Leah Hope Photography | Couple Pictures

I’ve known Mary since she was just a little girl, but she probably doesn’t remember me from then. I grew up with her sister, Monika, for the majority of my school life, which is how I know Mary! She’s a senior at Shadow Mountain High School, and let me tell you, this girl’s smile is […]

Leah Hope Photography | Senior Pictures

I took photos for this family almost a year ago and it was instantly one of my favorite family sessions ever! Now, after taking photos of them for a second time… with a new family member…. this is officially my NEW favorite family session ever!!! Ben and Becky have been in my life for a […]