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Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Sunrise sessions in the summer mean waking up early. Like, really early. Somehow this family of five managed to get up early and look amazing for their session! And when you see these photos with that sunrise glow, you’ll know it was worth it! Oh, and did I mentioned they […]

Phoenix, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Mini Photo Session Is this family not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? And can I just say how much I love when families (or anyone) takes my style advice for their session? Sarah mentioned it helped when it came to choosing their outfits and it’s SO obvious! She did […]

Phoenix, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Mini Photo Session I truly love that this job gives me the opportunity to meet so many new people! This was the first time meeting the O’Malley’s! I was excited for their mini session before even meeting them though! Why? Because Lindsey was so excited for it and let me […]

Phoenix, Arizona Desert Family Mini Photo Session I first met Candyce and Chris over 2 years when they hired me to take photos of just the two of them! It was such a fun session for me because they borrowed a friend’s red truck and brought me to these adorable silos on the east side! […]

Phoenix, Arizona Desert Family Mini Photo Session   I met the Anderson family for the first time at this day of mini sessions! As one family, that I’ve photographed for years, was leaving their mini session and the Anderson’s were arriving, they realized that they knew other! And neither of them knew that the other […]

I haven’t even kept count of how many times I’ve had the chance to photograph this family! But I’ll take all the times I can get because I love being with them! I love that they make capturing each season of their life a priority and I’m so thankful they’ve chosen me to be a […]

I’ve known this family since I was 12 years old, which was about 10 years ago. ;) Okay, fine, I’m just kidding. It’s actually been 18 years since I met Jessica in Junior High! We became fast friends then and were so close throughout high school as well! Which is why I had plenty of […]

It’s always so special and fun for me when I get the chance to capture photos of the same person to celebrate multiple different occasions in their life! I took Kendall’s high school senior photos a few years ago and now I had the chance to take more senior photos of her to celebrate her […]

I never know exactly how I’m going to feel about cloudy weather weather on photo shoots. The lighting can vary so much depending on what kind of clouds. Sometimes, I’m disappointed because I was looking forward to the sun. Sometimes, I’m thankful because the cloud coverage gives me more control over what areas we can […]

I took this couple’s engagement photos earlier this year and had the best time with them! They instantly turned into friends and I love when that happens! They wanted to do some family photos and Jenna needed some head shots since she recently became a realtor, and since I always want people to get the […]