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I love that Saige’s mom is always up to be creative and try new things for our shoots with Saige! She is a mode, no really, she’s signed with a couple modeling agencies. And she really is a pro! She can go from laughing and playful to serious and fierce in 2 seconds for the […]

This cute girl’s mom is a photographer friend of mine! She is an amazing photographer herself, but thought it might be easier to have someone else take photos of her daughter. And I’m so glad she asked me to! Aubrey is such a sparkly, ball of energy and it definitely shows in these photos! She […]

I’ve lived in Phoenix my whole life, aside from a year spent in Dallas and some summers spent in the Northwest. And for the majority of the time I’ve lived here, I never appreciate cactus. Okay, I specifically didn’t like them. My heart longs to be anywhere with forests and green fields of grass and […]

Soledad is an adorable little girl who needed some updated modeling photos and her mom had a very specific type of shoot in mind! She wanted editorial style fashion photos, so we went to the most modern location I know of to capture these photos! Soledad is a complete pro! She is beautiful and has […]

I can not get enough of this girl! Saige’s mom and I connected on Instagram and did a lot of communicating before this shoot! She had so many amazing idea for outfits, and I wanted to add just a few simple things like the glasses, books and Starbucks cup. I love every single outfit they […]

This shoot couldn’t have been less planned… but it a really great way! Haha. Seriously, I planned to meet Chante downtown to shoot at a mural that I saw photos of and loved! But when we got there, someone had painted over it! So, Chante got in my car and we just drove around to […]

Oh, how I love taking photos of this beautiful lady! I’m so glad that we got in touch last summer while I was in LA, because now whenever we’re in the same city, a shoot happens! :) I am in LOVE with the shoot we did last time she was in town, if you haven’t […]

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