Phoenix, Arizona Downtown Family Photographer Mini Photo Session I first met Caroline when she did a mentor session with me last year! I absolutely love getting the chance to share all that I’ve learned with other photographers! When I was starting out, I didn’t find many people willing to help me. I was trying to […]

Haugen | Family

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Phoenix, Arizona Downtown Family Photographer Mini Photo Session I first met this family four years ago! It’s been so fun to see how the children have grown since then! One thing, out of many, that I love about this family is their positive attitudes! Let’s be real, there are plenty of people who don’t LOVE […]

Kelman | Family

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Sometimes photo shoots don’t go quite as planned, especially when children are involved. I don’t expect children to act perfectly during shoots, that would be strange, haha. So we might have started off a little bumpy, with a child or two that weren’t super excited about getting photos taken, which is normal. And even though […]

Reed | Family

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One of my very favorite things about being a photographer is having the opportunity to catch up with and see old friends! I knew Alyssa when I was a child and pre-teen! I hadn’t seen her in such a long time, so when I spotted her name in my emails, I was so happy she […]

Jones | Family

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Oh my, this little family is just so sweet! Sabrina booked this session as a Father’s Day gift to her boyfriend so he could get some photos with his adorable daughter! But, we of course had to make sure Sabrina got in some of the photos too! Sometimes, when I leave a session I can’t […]

Baldwin | Family

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I always forget about how much I love this adorable little space in downtown Phoenix until someone decides they want to have their shoot there and then I fall in love with it all over again! I loved exploring Heritage Square with the Thomas family! The outfit colors they chose were so bright and they […]

Thomas | Family

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I met this sweet family at Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix in November to take some updated family portraits for them! Heritage Square was the busiest that I have ever seen it on the afternoon of this family’s shoot, but somehow we made it work! I’m so thankful they were able to go with the flow! […]

Owens | Family

Leah Hope Photography | Family Pictures

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I met Mary and her mom in downtown Phoenix to take her senior photos. They are both so sweet which made it a very pleasant afternoon for me! Mary is such a fun and cheerful young woman and I’m so excited I got to take her senior photos! She photographs beautifully and we had such […]

Mary | Senior

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I met Michelle and Jacob at Heritage Square, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shoot, even with the several other photographers who are there everyday. We can all share, right? ;) They are so sweet to each other and they were just as sweet to me! Michelle is absolutely beautiful and […]

Michelle and Jacob | Couple

Leah Hope Photography | Couple Pictures

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