I heard about this session about 3 hours before it was suppose to happen. I wasn’t the original photographer for this shoot, but because of a date mixup with this team and the photographer they had planned, they needed someone else on short notice! And I happened to be available that afternoon! And I’m so […]

A Day to Cherish Weddings | Portraits

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Oh, how I love this sweet family so much! They are all so kind and beautiful from the inside out! And one of my favorite things about this bunch, is that the children love taking photos!! They pose for me and show me their best smiles and are excited about all the photos that I’m […]

Csincsak | Portraits

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This is truly unlike any other shoot I’ve ever done! I’ve known James for 10 years now, he was my drama teacher in a program called Master’s Commission that I did for two years after high school. So, of course, it makes sense that he’s chasing his dream and pursuing acting in Los Angeles! Last […]

James | Portraits

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I met Todd downtown, on a hot, summer day. But, we live in Phoenix, so most days are hot, summer days. Haha. Todd wanted some photos for his website and book that is coming out soon. I loved chatting with him about his passion for Christian ministry and wanting to help make resources more accessible […]

Todd | Portraits

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I’ve taken photos of Ryan and his family twice now, and they are such a joy to be around! That’s why I was so thankful to have the opportunity to take head shots for Ryan! I don’t take head shots very often, but whenever I get the chance to, I realize that I kinda love […]

Ryan | Portraits

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Leah Hope Photography | Professional Head shots / Portraits

I met Jena last year to take Christmas photos of her and her husband and instantly loved them both! Jena is one of the most encouraging¬†people, she has given me so much joy and support in the short year that I’ve known her and I am so grateful for her! :) We met up to […]

Jena | Portraits

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Jade and I have been talking about this shoot for years! I think it was first brought up when photography was just a hobby for me, and not a business yet, a little over 3 years ago! And we FINALLY shot together earlier this fall!! I always have those people who say things like, “You’re […]

Jade | Portraits

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Leah Hope Photography | Portraits

Being able to take photos of this beautiful girl made me so happy!!! I knew Kayla in high school, which feels like forever ago but also feels like it was just the other day all at the same time. I’m not sure how that’s possible. Haha. Kayla was looking for some updated photos for her […]

Kayla | Portraits

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