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My sister Lindsay and my brother-in-law Landon are crazy about Disney! Lindsay has also been quite a fan of dressing up! And with every new addition to her family, she gets even more excited to plan costumes for the crew! For Halloween she goes all out! But this wasn’t even for Halloween, this was just […]

Forest and trees and grass and all kinds of green and colorful nature are a few of my favorite things! And also, taking pictures of beautiful people in the those beautiful places! So, you can imagine that this family shoot in Greer was one of the best days ever! I had never heard of Greer […]

A couple weeks ago my sister and brother in law came to visit the Northwest while I’m here! They flew to Seattle, so I drove up there to pick them up and got to spend a few days exploring that beautiful city with them! :) After we spent a few days in Washington, we made the […]

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