Shooting with Chante is always such an enjoyable and easy afternoon! She is so incredibly natural and effortless in front of the camera, which makes my job a little too easy, in a really fun way! ;) She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger over at TheFoxTalks and you can visit her blog an social […]

Chante | Portraits

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This shoot was as last minute as they come! One of my lovely photographer friends, Bree of Bree Marie Photography, planned a shoot with one of my favorite, local fashion bloggers, Riss! She texted me a couple hours before and asked if I wanted to join in! I didn’t exactly look ready to go anywhere, […]

Marissa | Portraits

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I first met Rose during my summer in Portland last year and I’m so happy that I did! Last summer we did a session at The Pittock Mansion with some adorable outfits of hers for her fashion blog, The Haute Looks! It is still one of my favorite sessions to date! We’ve kept in touch […]

Rose | Portraits

Leah Hope Photography | Fashion Blogger Portraits

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Leah Hope Photography | Portraits

I feel like Janelle is basically the spokesmodel for Leah Hope Photography… if there was such a thing as that? Haha. I’ve taken photos of this girl SO many times because she is so gorgeous, natural in front of the camera and because we happen to always have an amazingly, fun time together too! :) […]

Janelle | Portraits

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