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Scottsdale, Arizona Fairmont Princess Family Photographer Photo Session Happy New Year! With every year that passes, I can’t help but think time is going faster each time! How are we in 2020? That means this is technically the 5th decade that I’ve lived in! I don’t know how that math is possible… haha. I was […]

This is one of the most kind and hospitable families ever and I love every time that I get to see them and work with them! It’s so fun for me to become friends with people I photograph and it makes shoots not feel like work at all! I loved walking around the Fairmont Princess […]

This family is a bunch of troopers! This was a sunrise session, and sunrise sessions aren’t easy for anyone (including me)… but especially not for teenagers. Haha. But even thought we started before the sun came up, they all came wearing lovely outfits, beautiful smiles and great attitudes! I loved walking the property of the gorgeous […]