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Scottsdale, Arizona Family Photographer Desert Maternity Photos Two years ago I took this couple’s engagement photos and it is still one of my favorite sessions! So, of course, I jumped at the opportunity to take maternity photos of them in the desert! And it was HOT. I think I always let myself forget how hot […]

Phoenix, Arizona Family Photographer Photo Session It’s always fun for me to have a chance to go to a new location! I found out that the Lenderking’s had moved since I did Charlie’s newborn session the year before! And that meant having a new area, and community center, to explore! A private location like this […]

Phoenix, Arizona Desert Family Photographer Photo Session However many times I’ve photographed this family, is how many times I’ve said the same thing. And I’m going to keep saying it. And that thing is… that Shayla and Micah were THE FIRST EVER people that I had in front of my camera! The very first time […]

Towards the end of May, we’re sometimes in the 100 degree days already and almost always in the 90’s. It’s not so fun to shoot in those temperatures, but since this is where I live, I make the most of it. But, on this day we ended up having beautiful weather, beautiful… but extra windy. […]

I first met Taylor about 5 years ago, before she was even in high school, when I took some photos of her and her family to celebrate a new baby arriving in the family! And since then, I’ve had the chance to take photo’s of her family every year and watch her grow into the […]

It’s always so special and fun for me when I get the chance to capture photos of the same person to celebrate multiple different occasions in their life! I took Kendall’s high school senior photos a few years ago and now I had the chance to take more senior photos of her to celebrate her […]

I don’t have the chance to do too many senior boy sessions. I get it, senior photos don’t sound that exciting to teenage boys. Not only do they not sound excited, I’m sure they sound a little bit like torture. Because most grown men aren’t even excited to have their photo taken. Haha. But maybe […]

I never know exactly how I’m going to feel about cloudy weather weather on photo shoots. The lighting can vary so much depending on what kind of clouds. Sometimes, I’m disappointed because I was looking forward to the sun. Sometimes, I’m thankful because the cloud coverage gives me more control over what areas we can […]

It’s photo shoots like this that make me fall in love with the desert! I haven’t always been a fan of it, but the more photography I do, the more I love it!! There is just something so special about the light in the desert! I had such an amazing time with these two! Not […]

This photo shoot was quite the adventure! We started in a cactus garden on a quiet street and it didn’t take long before it wasn’t quiet at all anymore. Helicopters started circling, we heard sirens and then the street we were on became the detour road. We didn’t know what was going on, but we […]