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Oh my goodness, these two (or should I say three) are some of my favorites! I love how in love these two are with each other and with their precious pup, Penelope! And not only are they a beautiful couple, but they are some of the kindest people ever! I love spending time with these […]

I love that these two always bring their cute pups along on their photo shoots! Last time they just had one of the dogs and now they have two, and they’re both adorable! We walked around downtown together and I loved capturing their love for each other and their playful energy with their dogs! And […]

When these two walked out of the car I was instantly wowed! I love how they chose to dress it up for this desert session! Their styling, and good looks, at so much elegance to the desert landscape! And not only are they the sweetest couple, but they brought their super sweet and adorable pup, […]

Since I don’t live in the East Valley, I don’t make it out there that often. But, when someone I’m photographing wants to have the shoot on that side of town, I’m glad I get an excuse to make it over there! I love the farms and landscapes and open spaces! And I LOVE that […]

I can’t believe I spent my whole life living here and never even knew about the view you could see from South Mountain until last year! And ever since I found out about it, whenever I’m close to the area, I drive up to the top just to take it all in. Phoenix is one […]

This location was a last minute choice, I hadn’t been there before but arrived a little early with my photographer friend to scope out the area and immediately fell in love! I’m trying to shoot in the desert more. ;) My photographer friend, Bree, and I took photos of this couple together and I always […]

This shoot was an absolutely dream!! Everything from the location to the couple to the company! By company, I mean one of my good friends Bree who is also a photographer! We drove to this location outside of Phoenix together, and I always LOVE our drives, and we photographed this beautiful couple together! Honore and […]

I met these two on a beautiful, fall day and they brought their adorable pup along on the shoot! It’s always so refreshing taking photos of people who seem to actually enjoy and appreciate having their photo taken, and that’s how I felt with Allison and Matt! We had spent the afternoon walking around this […]

These two were an absolute dream to take photos of! Not only because they are an incredibly gorgeous couple and clearly natural in front of the camera, but because of how they interact with and look at each other. It felt like I was shooting a cover photo for a Nicholas Sparks book… except better, […]

Oh, I love these two so much! They are full of such vibrance and joy! Which are two things that I just can’t get enough of! :) I first met Samantha last year, when I took photos of her and her mom. It was one of the most fun and laughter-filled sessions ever, you can […]