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I’m pretty sure I say this every time I share a photo shoot with this family, but I’m going to say it again anyway. This family is so incredibly special to me. I took photos of Khylie and Dj, just being an adorable couple, in my first official year of business, and they have continued […]

I kind of love Christmas tree lot sessions! I’m sure I’d love Christmas tree farm sessions even more, but in Phoenix, we don’t have those, we just have the lots where they bring the trees that came from the tree farms, haha. And that’s good enough for me! ;) So when the Gilman family suggested […]

This session is one of my absolutely favorites from this fall!! One of the reasons it is so special is because I’ve had the opportunity to watch Khylie and D.j. grow as a couple and now as a family! They are two of the sweetest and most photogenic people I get to photograph and now I […]

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