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I don’t talk about it much or advertise it a lot, but I offer mentor sessions to photographers who happen to like my work and are interested in learning from me!  I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t learned from so many different and amazing photographers along the way! So, if I can […]

This post will be short and sweet, because we didn’t do a full shoot for this! There’s not much variety, okay, there’s not any variety because this was for one purpose only! These photos announced that MY SISTER and BROTHER-IN-LAW are pregnant and expecting a baby! This is the first baby for our whole family, […]

I’ve been taking this sweet girl’s birthday photos since her first birthday! She started out a little camera shy for her first and second birthday pictures, and that’s why this shoot was so much fun! She was her sweet and adorable self in front of my camera for this shoot and I loved being able […]

Happy New Year! Why do the years continue to go by so fast? I know it often feels slow as the days go by, but at the end of the year, I look back and wonder where the time went! With each year that passes, I’m finding myself getting busier and busier with photography! The […]

Fall happens a little late here, and I don’t just mean the weather, although that is the case, I mean leaves changing colors. We only have like 3 trees here with leaves that change colors, okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea. But these trees don’t start changing on until December, since that’s […]

Photo sessions are so much more fun for me when the people I’m photographing are having fun too! That doesn’t always happen, and I understand, it can be uncomfortable to get your photo taken over and over for an hour. But this whole family had such great attitudes and it really felt like they were […]

I drove to Tucson for this precious boy’s arrival and it was definitely worth the trip! Davey is such a sweet boy, even in the newborn stage, I guess he gets it from his kind and beautiful parents! It was such a joy to get to document these two loving on and adoring their first […]

I can’t believe I first photographed this sweet family when that precious little girl, Gianna, was a newborn! I will never grow tired of being able to watch families grow and getting to capture it along the way! I always enjoy planning shoots with Ireena, because she gets so excited about planning the outfits, location […]

I’ve loved watching this sweet family grow! I first took photos of them before that youngest boy was here! And then I got to take his newborn photos too! These siblings are so sweet and gentle with each other and I love watching them interact! This whole family is absolutely beautiful and so much fun […]

This was my first time shooting at this location, because I don’t make it out to the west valley too often. I’m so glad I did though, because the White Tanks are absolutely beautiful! And this family was so joyful and carefree while exploring this new place with me! And they are such as beautiful […]