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This was the only day that this whole family would be able to be together at the same time to take these photos, but the forecast said we’d be getting plenty of rain. And we did. This was suppose to be a sunrise shoot, but with all the dark clouds and the rain, we pushed […]

Happy New Year! I hope this new year is finding you well already! I hope you’re dreaming dreams and creating goals and making resolutions! Because if we’re not growing and trying to get better with each year, what’s the point? That’s how I feel with photography! I’m always wanting to learn and get better whenever […]

Monika has been in my life since we were in 2nd grade when we were best friends. We went through all the normal highs and lows that elementary school friends go through. ;) And I’m so thankful that we’ve not only been able to keep in touch with each other, but then I was able […]

I’ve taken photos of Janelle a couple times in LA, where she lives, and a few times here in Phoenix, where I live and she’s from. But for this shoot, we met somewhere else! Since the first time I saw Salvation Mountain, I knew I wanted to shoot there! I LOVE colorful places and I […]

How adorable is this sweet family?! I had so much fun watching little Aubrey run around this park and then seeing her being absolutely precious snuggling with her parents! I love this park in the fall time and enjoyed documenting this family have fun and love each other for the afternoon! :)

Most of these beautiful people were visiting Phoenix all the way from Australia! So, since this isn’t their normal scenery, they wanted to make sure to get some desert, family photos. Every single person in this family was an absolute joy to be around! They are all so kind, patient, beautiful and I could listen […]

I’ve known Charissa since we were in 6th grade and it makes me so happy to watch her be an incredibly, loving mom to her adorable baby girl! We’ve talked about doing a shoot together for a while and so when she visited Phoenix close to her daughter’s 1st birthday, it was the perfect opportunity! […]

I’ve known Ashlyn since high school,  we were the best of friends, and it’s been such a joy to watch her become an amazing mom and see her beautiful family grow! I’ve photographed this family a couple times, but this was the first time since Adelynn has been able to run around, and boy did […]

Soon after meeting Erin, she very quickly became one of my favorite people to take photos of, and I will tell you why! It’s not just because she’s beautiful, sweet and fun, even though all of those are true! ;) I loved this shoot so much because Erin loved this shoot so much! She was SO […]

I’m pretty sure I say this every time I share a photo shoot with this family, but I’m going to say it again anyway. This family is so incredibly special to me. I took photos of Khylie and Dj, just being an adorable couple, in my first official year of business, and they have continued […]