Noah | Newborn

Kayla emailed me a while ago, in anticipation of baby Noah arriving, to set up our newborn session! I loved chatting with her over email so I was excited to finally meet her and beautiful baby Noah! I went to their apartment and met both Noah’s parents and also his lively and adorable big sister, Autumn! It was so great spending some time with the whole family while I was taking photos of this precious baby boy! I’m looking forward to taking more photos for them in the near future! :)
Telescopecom -

Noah seems to be observing you in the last picture. I don’t know if you’re the one who caught his attention- as a new person entering the home- or he was interested in the device you were pointing at him.

He looks cute in his little Brother jersey. I think baby photography has its own share of rewards. However I give credit to the professionals who do it on a regular basis with babies who are crying and still get great photos.

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