Last summer, I took photos of Marina with her adorable baby boy in her stomach, at this exact same location in Oregon! That was a session that became very special to me, which is why it was such a joy to be able to come back to the same spot with her husband, Alan, and with Mason […]

McAvoy | Family & Portrait

Leah Hope Photography | Portland Lavender Family Pictures

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Leah Hope Photography | Favorites of 2014

I love this time of year! New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are some of my favorite days of the year! I love New Year’s Eve because I get to spend time with some of the people who made my year so special and talk about all of our memories and favorite moments from […]

Favorites of 2014!

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I’m missing Portland so much already! I didn’t realize how little lush green we have in Phoenix, until I saw how much there was in Oregon! Well, that’s a lie, I’ve absolutely noticed that this place I call home is mostly filled with brown and rocks, but I just to pretend that I love it! Haha. […]

Portland Favorites!

Leah Hope Photography | Engagement Pictures

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Leah Hope Photography | Couple Photos

I had been looking forward to this shoot before I even got to Portland, when I first planned it with Makayla. I love shoots with couples that are so in love with each other and these two also happen to be beautiful and photogenic!! I loved spending some time with them on the Columbia River […]

Makayla and Chancelor | Couple

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I met Kelsey a few weeks ago in Portland when I took some portraits of her to use on her fashion blog! I had such a lovely evening with her and when I found out that she is engaged, I knew I wanted to snatch up the opportunity to take engagement pictures of her and […]

Kelsey and Ben | Engagement

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Leah Hope Photography | Portraits

It’s Wednesday! But, since I’m still catching up on posting photos from Portland, I’m skipping Wisdom Wednesday this week and sharing my session with Katelyn! However, if you haven’t seen my recent Wisdom Wednesdays, check them out here! :)   Katelyn became very interested in nutrition after she had a few health problems in the padt, so […]

Katelyn | Portraits

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When Sam and I were discussing possible locations for her shoot, she suggested Cathedral Park, and I was so happy!! I saw plenty of pictures of Cathedral Park before coming to Portland when I was browsing the web for shoot locations, but I hadn’t shot there all summer! So, I’m thankful I had the opportunity to […]

Sam | Portraits

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Leah Hope Photography | Portraits

I first met Ayaka at a house show where her and Harper performed. Her voice and musical presence are absolutely beautiful and full of grace, which makes sense, because so is she! We walked around The International Rose Test Garden and took photos amongst all the amazing flowers, some happened to even be taller than […]

Ayaka | Portraits

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I met Rose last week at the Pittock Mansion to start off our shoot! I had been there before to visit and knew it was beautiful, but I didn’t think it would help my photos be THIS beautiful!! Although, I shouldn’t give all the credit to the mansion, most of it should go to Rose […]

Rose | Portraits

Leah Hope Photography | Downtown Portland Oregon Pittock Mansion Fashion Blogger Pictures

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Leah Hope Photography | Couple Portraits

A couple weeks ago my sister and brother in law came to visit the Northwest while I’m here! They flew to Seattle, so I drove up there to pick them up and got to spend a few days exploring that beautiful city with them! :) After we spent a few days in Washington, we made the […]

Lindsay and Landon | Couple

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