It’s been 10 years since I stood in front of my apartment, watching it burn, unable to do anything about losing all that I owned. I stood in disbelief while scanning the crowd that was full of nosey neighbors and news cameras recording while the anchors reported the event emotionless, as if it wasn’t happening […]

He Gives Beauty For Ashes

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Every year these posts get harder and harder. All I mean by that, is that it’s harder to narrow down the photos so that I don’t make you look through a blog post that has over 500 photos. ;)   This year has been such a beautiful one! I’ve enjoyed every bit of it! Even […]

Favorites of 2015!

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I love exploring new cities and states and places on my own, just for personal pleasure… but I also REALLY love being able to do photography in these places! It excites me and makes my heart feel so HAPPY! I absolutely loved my summer spent in Seattle and I’ve made this blog post to share […]

Seattle Favorites!

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Leah Hope Photography | Shoot &Share | Maternity Pictures

Yesterday, I was moved to tears when I found out this news! I can’t believe that I received FIRST PLACE in the maternity category for a contest that was open to photographers WORLDWIDE. Over 110, 000 photos were entered into the Shoot & Share contest into multiple categories and over 23 MILLION votes were cast by […]

Shoot & Share Contest | Winner!

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When I started doing photography with the idea of actually being able to have it as a job and make somewhat of a living off of it (around 3 years ago) … I decided to make decisions based off of what was best for me as a person and not necessarily what was best for […]

The Right Way For ME!

Leah Hope Photography | Personal Post

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Leah Hope Photography | Favorites of 2014

I love this time of year! New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are some of my favorite days of the year! I love New Year’s Eve because I get to spend time with some of the people who made my year so special and talk about all of our memories and favorite moments from […]

Favorites of 2014!

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This post is 100% dedicated to the fact that one of MY photos has been re-pinned on Pinterest 1001 times!!! I pinned this pictures two years ago after I did this engagement session. It was only my second engagement shoot with my upgraded camera (Canon 5D Mark II) and at that time, I couldn’t be […]

1001 Re-pins!

Leah Hope Photography | 1001 Re-pins

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Leah Hope Photography | Engagement Pictures

I’m missing Portland so much already! I didn’t realize how little lush green we have in Phoenix, until I saw how much there was in Oregon! Well, that’s a lie, I’ve absolutely noticed that this place I call home is mostly filled with brown and rocks, but I just to pretend that I love it! Haha. […]

Portland Favorites!

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This post is slightly embarrassing… or a lot embarrassing, I can’t decide what I’m feeling. Haha. But it’s also not embarrassing, because it shows growth and the process of learning, which I am proud of. When I started taking photos of people, I had no plans to own a business, I just knew I liked […]

Then and Now | Growing in Photography

Leah Hope Photography | Then and Now

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Leah Hope Photography | Before and After

This can be a bit of a vulnerable thing for photographers to do. Taking photos is obviously the biggest part of what we do… but another part is finishing them through editing. I am someone who doesn’t love to do too much extreme editing. I don’t like to make my subjects look plastic or have eye […]

Before and After | Editing

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