My visit to Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana The history of the plantations we had the opportunity to visit is heartbreaking. The property is breathtakingly beautiful, but at what cost? While at the plantation, we learned all about the family that lived inside the “big house,” as they called it. We learned about the family who […]

Oak Alley Plantation | Travel

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All about my trip to New Orleans! Last month I took a trip to explore the fascinating city of New Orleans with my sister and her little family! When we left for the trip, the worldwide pandemic wasn’t a thing. Everyone was aware of all that was going on with coronavirus, but in America, we […]

New Orleans Favorites | Travel

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Here they are world, two of my very best friends! And they happen to both be under the age of three! ;) I started babysitting Molly once a day about 2 years ago and I’ve loved to watch her grow throughout this time! Plus, we crack each other up, which is always a good quality […]

Lincoln and Molly | Portraits

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It’s been 10 years since I stood in front of my apartment, watching it burn, unable to do anything about losing all that I owned. I stood in disbelief while scanning the crowd that was full of nosey neighbors and news cameras recording while the anchors reported the event emotionless, as if it wasn’t happening […]

He Gives Beauty For Ashes

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Every year these posts get harder and harder. All I mean by that, is that it’s harder to narrow down the photos so that I don’t make you look through a blog post that has over 500 photos. ;)   This year has been such a beautiful one! I’ve enjoyed every bit of it! Even […]

Favorites of 2015!

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I’ve been loving adventuring to new and beautiful places during my summers! And this past summer I headed to SEATTLE!!! I knew that I would like Seattle, but I was almost positive that it wouldn’t compare to my summer last year in Portland… I was wrong! I just loved Portland so much, and I didn’t […]

Seattle Adventures!

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Before I left for Portland last summer, I wrote a blog post about what made me want to start exploring a new place every summer in more detail. You can read it here! But to sum up… I decided to start exploring a new place every summer for a couple of main reasons.   1. […]

Summer Adventures!

Leah Hope Photography | Summer Adventures!

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Leah Hope Photography | Shoot &Share | Maternity Pictures

Yesterday, I was moved to tears when I found out this news! I can’t believe that I received FIRST PLACE in the maternity category for a contest that was open to photographers WORLDWIDE. Over 110, 000 photos were entered into the Shoot & Share contest into multiple categories and over 23 MILLION votes were cast by […]

Shoot & Share Contest | Winner!

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When I started doing photography with the idea of actually being able to have it as a job and make somewhat of a living off of it (around 3 years ago) … I decided to make decisions based off of what was best for me as a person and not necessarily what was best for […]

The Right Way For ME!

Leah Hope Photography | Personal Post

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Leah Hope Photography | Favorites of 2014

I love this time of year! New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are some of my favorite days of the year! I love New Year’s Eve because I get to spend time with some of the people who made my year so special and talk about all of our memories and favorite moments from […]

Favorites of 2014!

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