It is so special for me to have the opportunity to continue capturing a family through the years and watch them grow together. I can’t even remember how many shoots I’ve done for this family off the top of my head, because there have been so many. I’ve been able to capture their Christmas photos […]

Gilman | Family

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DeserRai is the brilliant mind behind this shoot! She picked the location, the outfits and the extra touches! And I’m so glad she did because clearly that is something she is amazing at! It was a warm… I mean hot… summer evening but you can’t even tell because these three totally nailed this shoot. DeserRai […]

Beversdorf | Maternity

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This was my first ever styled shoot with a group of photographers and it was the last bit of Showit UNITED that I got to be a part of! It was definitely at uniquely fun experience, meeting so many other photographers who love and appreciate all things photography and then getting to “ooh” and “ahh” over […]

Kristen and Michael | Styled Shoot

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About two and a half years ago, I took photos of Leslie and her family and her little bump! And then, in the fall, I was able to take photos AGAIN of Leslie and her family and her new, little bump, with her last little bump on the outside! ;) We did a few photos […]

Valdez | Family & Maternity

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We did this shoot in August… in over 100 degree weather… and somehow Meg pulled it off! It was HOT… very hot!! But she still looks amazing even with the temperatures that we had! How does she do it?! ;) Meg is always such a pleasure to shoot because I know how much she LOVES […]

Meg | Portraits

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Leah Hope Photography | Engagement Pictures

These two were a breeze to shoot! They are so sweet and gentle with each other and I loved being able to document their love on camera! And I LOVE their variety of outfits!! Switching up outfits can add so much to a shoot! I so enjoyed my time with these two and I’m beyond […]

Marianna and Miguel | Engagement

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This was my first, real shootout with a bunch of other photographers and it was SO. MUCH. FUN! All the photographers who took part were so kind, which makes a shootout much more pleasant! The planners and stylists of this event made sure that every photographer would get the shots they wanted and had plenty […]

Gypsy Styled | Child Portraits

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I hope everyone has a friendship with someone like the one I have with Casey! The type of friendship where the conversation just flows effortlessly… and you can also laugh with them about absolutely nothing… but still have those incredibly, gentle moments where your eyes well up with tears…and somehow can still feel completely comfortable […]

Casey and Peter | Engagement

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I first came in contact with this family when I took engagement photos for Kaylee and Geoff last year around this same time! Bree and Erik also came along on the engagement shoot, and the 5 of us has the best time exploring our shoot location and getting to know each other! Not too long […]

Wright | Family

Leah Hope Photography | Family Pictures

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Leah Hope Photography | Couple Pictures

I went to the same school as Ally but we didn’t start talking until I reached out to her a few years ago wanting to ask her questions about photography! Ally is a wonderful photographer herself, she takes beautiful portraits of people and weddings but is most recently focusing on nature photography, which she is […]

Ally and Teddy | Couple

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