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Amber and I started talking over Facebook and bonded through photography! She attended Master’s Commission, the discipleship program I was a part of for two years, and that’s how we had mutual friends and found each other! She is a photographer in California and does beautiful work, I’ve loved having the opportunity to chat with […]

Leah Hope Photography | Couple Pictures

I first met Rose during my summer in Portland last year and I’m so happy that I did! Last summer we did a session at The Pittock Mansion with some adorable outfits of hers for her fashion blog, The Haute Looks! It is still one of my favorite sessions to date! We’ve kept in touch […]

Leah Hope Photography | Fashion Blogger Portraits

I feel like Janelle is basically the spokesmodel for Leah Hope Photography… if there was such a thing as that? Haha. I’ve taken photos of this girl SO many times because she is so gorgeous, natural in front of the camera and because we happen to always have an amazingly, fun time together too! :) […]

Leah Hope Photography | Portraits

I’ve known Monika since I was in 2nd grade… that’s over 16 years!! We were the best of friends in elementary school and I met her husband Grant before they were even together through Fine Arts with a church I use to attend. I love doing shoots with people that I’ve known for a while […]

Looking back on this year, I feel like it happened in fast forward. I remember last New Year’s Eve like it was yesterday. I’m so thankful for all the experiences I’ve had this year! Living in LA for the summer was definitely such an important part of my year. Being able to explore a new […]

Leah Hope Photography | Favorites of 2013

I have known this beautiful couple for a while now. When I first decided to go to LA for the summer, they were some of the first people on my mind! They are a little outside of LA, but we we met somewhere in the middle so that I could take some photos of them! […]

I met Davia and Ross a couple weeks ago while visiting a friend in Tehachapi, a town a little Northeast of LA. Their town is pretty adorable but when they asked about doing photos for their 5 year anniversary, the beach in Santa Monica seemed a little more enticing to us both! I had never […]

I met Krysten and Jeff a few years ago in Phoenix! They are friends of my sisters, which is how I met them! I hung out with them a couple time while in LA this summer and they wanted to get a shoot in as well! I took engagement photos for them a couple years ago when […]

The more I do individual portraits, the more I love it! I always knew it was one of my favorite things to shoot, but now I definitely know it is! I feel most free and able to be completely creative when photographing a single subject (couples too)! I had an amazing time taking photos of […]

I have been talking with Erika since the the beginning of this year over email. No, we haven’t been planning this shoot for that long, she is actually an amazing web designer who is completely revamping my blog and turning it into a beautifully designed website/blog! I am so excited for the final product that […]