Flagstaff, Arizona Family Photographer Family Photos What a privilege it is to watch a family grow right before my eyes and in front of my camera. I knew Megan and Eric before either of these littles ones were born. I had the chance to take some photos of them loving on Everett a few months […]

Arellano | Family

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My sister Lindsay and my brother-in-law Landon are crazy about Disney! Lindsay has also been quite a fan of dressing up! And with every new addition to her family, she gets even more excited to plan costumes for the crew! For Halloween she goes all out! But this wasn’t even for Halloween, this was just […]

Flowers | Disney Bounding Family

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“Would you be okay with traveling to Flagstaff during the fall so we can shoot in the yellow leaves at Aspen Corner?” YES! Easiest question to answer ever! I absolutely love traveling for sessions and I wish I had the opportunity to do it more often! So when Abby and Tyler gave me that opportunity, […]

Abby and Tyler | Engagement

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For the first time ever, I had the chance to do a photo shoot with real FALL all around! And not only was this my first time photographing a session with fall leaves, but it was my first time actually experiencing a real fall! Because we don’t really have that in Phoenix, and apparently I […]

Flowers | Family

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Every time I head up north to Flagstaff or Sedona for a photo shoot, I’m always so in love with the surroundings! I also love the (at least 2 hour) drive! Driving to me, is therapeutic. When I’m alone… I blast my music, sing at the top of my lungs and if the weather is […]

Covenant Church | Family Portraits

Leah Hope Photography | Flagstaff Flower Field Family Pictures

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Leah Hope Photography | Maternity Pictures

I first met Melissa when one of my best friends was living in Flagstaff and I went to stay with her on a visit! Melissa¬†is one of those people that you instantly feel comfortable with and fall into a friendship with easily. She is a photographer herself and I was so flattered that she wanted […]

Greinke | Family & Maternity

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Casey has been one of my absolute, all time, forever best friends since 7th grade… for 10 years! She is one of the most joyful, loyal and compassionate people I know. She will make you happy when you’re sad, listen when you need to talk and encourage you when you’re down. Sometimes Casey and I […]

Casey | Portraits

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