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I’ve loved being able to take these photos of these two stylish, beautiful sisters over the past couple months! And not only are they both gorgeous with great fashion, they’re both talented too! Brooke is a makeup artist and esthetician and Rachael is a hair stylist! Talk about the dream team! And soon they’ll both be […]

I first met Brooke last year because I just wanted to photograph her and her pink hair! After the shoot was over, we sat in my car and talked for almost an hour. I knew right then that I didn’t walk away with just pretty pictures of colorful hair, but with a friend! Recently, Brooke […]

I first did a shoot with Brooke and her pink hair last year, because obviously I love color and wanted to photograph ALL that pink hair! I get along with pretty much everyone, because I think it’s a choice to get along with people or not, so that’s what I choose! But there are still […]

I’ve known Saige for a couple years now and I’ve loved being able to capture photos of her at so many different stages of life! And isn’t she such a little model?! No, really, she’s a model. Yeah, she’s that cool. You works with a couple agencies, you may have seen her on the packaging […]

I’ve never been to so many different location for a shoot, but when Bianca contacted me and let me know she was going to be staying at both these hotels, Westin Kierland and Hotel Valley Ho, and that she had tickets to the Desert Botanical Gardens, I was in! I’m so thankful that I had […]

I’ve known Jade for over 10 years, she is full of life, joy, beauty and so much fun to be around! She asked me if I wanted to be a part of this shoot, and I was so excited! She has been working with Goodwill in Phoenix to reclaim fashion and show that you can […]

Shooting with Chante is always such an enjoyable and easy afternoon! She is so incredibly natural and effortless in front of the camera, which makes my job a little too easy, in a really fun way! ;) She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger over at TheFoxTalks and you can visit her blog an social […]

I’m always extra excited for a shoot when someone is up for going ANYWHERE! When they let the location be entirely up to me! Sometimes, I have a new field I want to try… but sometimes, like this time, I want to drive around a neighborhood together and stop at multiple random places on the […]

This is actually part 2 of my shoot with this GORGEOUS lady! How we managed to fit in SIX outfits in one evening, I don’t know. Actually, I do know. She changes really fast and then as soon as the camera’s on her she just keeps looking amazing in every. single. shot. So, that’s how, […]

This shoot couldn’t have been less planned… but it a really great way! Haha. Seriously, I planned to meet Chante downtown to shoot at a mural that I saw photos of and loved! But when we got there, someone had painted over it! So, Chante got in my car and we just drove around to […]