I’ve been able to take photos of this seriously adorable boy twice now, and I love each time more than the last. When Cooper’s mom came to me with the idea to take photos of him at Tolmachoff Farms, I was so excited to have the chance to shoot at a farm, since I don’t have a […]

Cooper | Portraits

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Briana (these adorable children’s mom) and I were texting back and forth on the day of this shoot because there were so many signs that a storm was coming in. We decided to go for it anyway because the sun came out in the early afternoon and we figured we were safe. I took their […]

Santiago | Child Portraits

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I just blogged about a high school friend right before this post and now I’m blogging about another! I seriously LOVE that this job gives me more opportunities to stay in touch with friends and catch up on their lives and to document their truly adorable families! However, to be fair, Shayla (Ezekiel’s mom) and […]

Ezekiel | One Year Photos

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Okay… this setup!!! I can’t get enough of it! I’ve known Adelynn’s mom, Ashlyn, since high school and I’m so thankful that I now get to take photos of her beautiful, growing family! Ashlyn styled this whole shoot!! Everything from having the adorable lemonade stand made, to the simple yet amazing details like the lemonade […]

Adelynn | Cake Smash

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I’ve taken so many photos of these children, that I can’t even count! And I’ll keep taking photos of them as long as they’ll let me because these are three of the CUTEST kids ever!! I just love them!! The family wanted to get some baseball themed portraits done of the kids, and all of […]

Chavez | Family

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This cute girl has always been one of my favorite people to take photos of! Just when I think she can’t get any cuter or look more natural in front of the camera, she proves me wrong! She is growing into such a gorgeous and sweet young girl and I LOVE being able to take […]

Dolce | Child Portraits

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Lila and her family moved to Phoenix last year a little bit after she was born and I’m so happy they did because I’ve had the opportunity to take photos documenting her fist year! I’ve taken her 6 month photos, 9 month photos and now her 12 month photos! It’s been so much fun to watch […]

Lila | 12 Months

Leah Hope Photography | 12 Month Pictures

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Leah Hope Photography | Cake Smash

This little girl is SO fun for me to photograph! I first took photos of her parents almost 3 years ago when they were dating! As they grew as a couple I had the opportunity to take engagement photos, maternity photos and now to document Madelyn’s first birthday! I am obsessed with this girl’s lips! […]

Madelyn | Cake Smash

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This was my first, real shootout with a bunch of other photographers and it was SO. MUCH. FUN! All the photographers who took part were so kind, which makes a shootout much more pleasant! The planners and stylists of this event made sure that every photographer would get the shots they wanted and had plenty […]

Gypsy Styled | Child Portraits

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Leah Hope Photography | Cake Smash Pictures

A little over a year ago I took photos of this boy in his mom’s belly, then a few months after that I took newborn photos of him and last month I got to take photos of him celebrating becoming a 1 year old!! Siah is such a sweet and content baby who belongs to […]

Siah | Cake Smash

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